Discover Multiday MTB Tours in Crete

All multiday tours start from November 1st 2018 - April 1st 2019

Multiday MTB & Hiking Tours in Crete

All multiday tours can be given as private tours (minimum 2 people)

Prepare for an unforgettable experience and combine passion for cycling and the cycling paradise of Crete.

Self-guided cycling holidays are a great way to explore Crete at your own pace with easy to follow route notes and maps. We offer exquisite routes, comfortable lodging, superb Cretan food, and worry-free logistical support for guests seeking a fantastic active vacation packed with fond memories and wonderful stories to share.

Tours Trip Status Price (Per person) Slots Book Tour
(SINGLETRACK) 26 Apr 2019 600 € 5 Book
(OFFER) 05 Apr 2019 500 € 7 Book
(SINGLETRACK) 22 Mar 2019 600 € 5 Book

Discover unique routes

Discover the trails of modern and ancient Crete!

Explore Crete

Crete is a cyclist's paradise. Feel the embrace of Crete's unique hospitality and local cuisine

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