Minoan Path


The hike begins at the historical village of Kastamonitsa (510m). Walking along a dirt track passing on our way an ancient aqueduct built by the Romans, we arrive at the Minoan path with its zigzag form leading us to the Lassithi Plateau. At the end of the path is the Tsoulis grave, here we can stop for a rest before making our way downhill, passing through Sheppard’s paddocks to the Lassithi Plateau. We then meet up with our driver who will take us to Dikteon Andron (Cave of Zeus) and those who wish to can visit the cave.At the end of the route we will stop to dine at a local tavern where you can try some traditional Greek dishes.


We begin our journey through the historical village of Kastamonitsa. This small village is located 1km NE of the former capital of the island at the time of the Roman occupation Lyttos. Kastamonitsa was referred for the first time in the year 961 AD. At the beginning of our hike we find the remains of an ancient Romans aqueduct built during the period of Emperor Hadrian (125-140 BC) its total length is estimated at more than 22 km. Another feature of this village is its history during the World War II. It was the place where the abduction of General Heinrich Kreipe was organized on 26 April 1944 by British commandos and Cretan partisans. After walking along the Minoans Road we arrive at the grave of Tsoulis an infamous person in the early 19th centuries. Finally we visit ” Dikteon Andron “, the cave where Zeus was born. It is a mythical place, where people used to worship and venerate for more than 30 centuries. Its decline came after the eruption of the Santorini volcano in 1600 BC which destroyed largely the Minoan civilization.

Included in the price

  • Baton Sticks
  • Raincoat (Depends on weather)
  • A bottle of water (0,5L)   
  • Vehicle ( Return transfer from hotel)
  • Lunch after Hike (All products are produced in Crete)
  • Guide (English, French)


  • Kastamonitsa Village
  • Cave of Zeus
  • Lasithi Plateau
  • Minoan Path
  • Grave of Tsoulis
  • Rocks, wild animals and many different plant species


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